At Desangel Beauty Distribution, our journey began with a shared passion for beauty and a combined wealth of over a decade in marketing and business development. Our founders have traversed the globe, gaining invaluable experience in diverse markets. Our core philosophy centers around the unwavering commitment to thoroughly comprehend the market and our customers before embarking on any venture.

We firmly believe in the priority of understanding the market and our customers above all else.

As a beauty distributor in Singapore and Southeast Asia, we set ourselves apart by dedicating extra efforts to marketing, with the aim of building a long-term asset for the brands we represent. We are directly connected to the majority of influencers in Singapore, and they have become key channels for creating awareness of our products. With our strength and experience in marketing, we take pride in having established our product as the number one eyelash serum brand in Singapore, with many more achievements to come.

Desangel Beauty Distribution was founded
by two passionate people that have more than
a decade of marketing & business development
experience, having worked at the different parts
of the globe. We have a strong belief to ensure
we first understand the market and customer
before everything else!
As a beauty distributor in Singapore and
South East Asia, we differentiate ourselves by
dedicating extra efforts to marketing in order
to build a long term asset to the brand.We are
connected to the majority of influencers in
Singapore directly and they have become key
channel in creating awareness of products.
With our strength and experience in
marketing, we are proud that we have
established our product as the No.1 eyelash
serum brand in Singapore and more to go.

Our Vision: “If you believe your product or
service can fulfill a true need, it’s your moral
obligation to sell it’’ Zig Ziglar

Our Mission: Provide to the consumers
innovative best quality products that
work wonders.


Brand Development

We have an in-depth understanding of our market and customers, and it’s our commitment to cultivate long term assets for our brand partners.

Sales channel​

Our robust sales network includes strategic partnerships with major retail players, beauty salons, departmental stores, travel retailer and a strong online presence on platforms like Shopee and Lazada. This extensive reach ensures the highest level of brand awareness for our products.

Marketing & Branding

We have fostered connections with the majority of influencers in Singapore, collaborating with over 100 of them, and have built strong and lasting relationships. Our expertise lies in knowing precisely which influencers to partner with to maximize the impact and success of our brands.

Value & Passion​

We hold in high regard the values of every brand we partner with, and we are dedicated to delivering those values to our consumers. Each brand we nurture is imbued with our unwavering passion, loyalty, and professionalism.



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